Through its up to date modern machinery at its two factories located in the Second Industrial zone in Riyadh, and with the association of steel suppliers and major manufacturers of electrical circuit breakers, Al-Amal Co. takes pride of being a complete solution provider when it comes to cable support aMethnd electrical distribution systems.

Al-Amal Co. prides itself with investing in its human resources. Our staff comprises of highly trained professionals who make sure that the quality of our products is more than satisfactory.

Al-Amal Co. is a member of SETRA Group, whose activities range from Computer Site Preparation and system integration in the Low Current field (Fire alarm, Security systems) Power systems (UPS, Batteries and Generators), Industrial Control systems, Audio/Video Systems, Specialized cables and all types of Data Networking systems.

Why Choose Al Amal Co.?!
Al Amal Co. believes that its commitment to the customer is the main priority. Our real strength lies in our professional workforce. It is our knowledge, experience, and commitment to customer service that makes us stand out from the crowd.